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Fans Are Comparing Drake's New Hairdo To Minnie Mouse, Smino, And More

Jul 01, 2023Jul 01, 2023

Prince Williams / Contributor via Getty Images

Today (Aug. 18), Drake turned heads with a new look after putting his afro in two buns held by pink hair clips. The bold move followed the artist participating in other trends like painting his nails and getting a heart carved into his hairline.

According to HipHopDX, the Toronto rapper first appeared with the hairstyle at The Bird Streets Club in West Hollywood on Wednesday (Aug. 16). The next day, he wore it while visiting basketball star Kevin Durant at an off-season workout.

In posts shared to his Instagram this morning, the “One Dance” hitmaker paired the style with a nostalgic early 2000s-inspired outfit. He wore a blue FUBU T-shirt, baggy stonewash jeans, and Timberland-colored sneakers.

Naturally, social media had a field day with the look. Comparisons ranged from the playful — likening Drake to Minnie Mouse — to the downright joking, with some suggesting connections to characters like Suga Mama from “The Proud Family.”

Among the reactions, Smino had a lighthearted response. The “Wild Irish Roses” artist joked on his account by offering Drake a silk hoodie.

“I wish Drake became popular during ‘The Boondocks’ era. They would’ve wiped the floor with him,” one person commented. Another person said, “Drake [is] just cosplaying his negro fantasies. He’ll probably be a Grape Street Crip by the spring.”

Elsewhere, a social media user stated, “Drake is a character that the actor Aubrey plays. Once y’all realize that.” One critic noted, “Almost every n**ga [with] hair does this at a point. Y’all just d**keating ’cause it’s Drake.”

Check out more reactions below.

Drake just cosplaying his negro fantasies. He'll probably be a Grape Street Crip by the spring

— Head Panderer Will (@MrGee54) August 18, 2023

Drake getting his hair done last night

— aqυaмayne (@__justkeith) August 18, 2023

Drake really cosplaying an African American in his new look wearing Afro puffs & pink burettes & FUBU LMAO DISGUSTING

— Tori Nicks 2.0 (@MajestyRia) August 18, 2023

y’all be wearing y’all nappy ass hair out in the name of self love but if drake do it then he’s corny. bye.

— 🤍🌙 (@madblackvegan) August 18, 2023

how y’all mad at drake because he has hair?

— taj. (@taynextdoor) August 18, 2023

Earlier today, Drake also shared a clip of his son. Adonis was seen reciting lyrics to “Rich Flex” from the rapper’s joint album with 21 Savage. The 5-year-old repeated, “21, can you do somethin’ for me?” His fascination with the song seemingly arrived on the heels of attending Drizzy’s Inglewood, California concert this past Saturday (Aug. 12).