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How Vendors Can Help Develop a Sustainable Asset Life Cycle

Aug 03, 2023Aug 03, 2023

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Laboratories are infamous for their high energy demands and waste generation. While small steps are important, many lab leaders have realized that sustainability efforts must go beyond turning off the lights at the end of the day or being conscious of water usage. Instead, lab managers are now seeking to develop more data-driven, holistic approaches to making their labs more sustainable.

According to a survey of 500 lab managers from the US, the UK, Germany, and China, conducted by Frost & Sullivan on behalf of Agilent Technologies, 82 percent of those interviewed have already begun tracking metrics related to sustainability and using it to inform decisions. Specifically, 92 percent of those labs track how they consume resources, and 87 percent use the metrics to lower greenhouse gas and carbon emissions.

Lab equipment vendors are now stepping in, offering various services and programs to help their customers meet sustainability goals. By partnering with vendors at each stage of the equipment life cycle—acquisition, usage, and disposal—lab managers can implement an end-to-end asset management program optimized for sustainability.

Eco-friendly lab work begins with acquisition. Procuring the right equipment can play a significant role in maximizing your lab’s eco-friendliness.

Taking the right steps in acquisition will set the stage for sustainability, but the largest impact will likely be realized in long-term, day-to-day usage of the instrument.

Throwing your equipment in a landfill is the least sustainable disposal option. By partnering with a vendor, better disposal options are available to you.

Adopting a mindset of sustainability and partnering with vendors that support your environmental initiatives will set up your lab for success in reaching those goals. These vendors are especially suited for helping you develop a full circle, holistic approach to reducing your lab’s carbon footprint through the asset life cycle.

AcquisitionSeek equipment with third-party environmental certifications: Purchase equipment made with recyclable materials: Buy pre-owned equipment: UsageUse vendor sustainability consultation services: Use instrumentation data: DisposalRecycling: Refurbishment: