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Steelrising Lavoisier Catalyst and Sublimator locations

Jun 30, 2023Jun 30, 2023

Where to find every Lavoisier Catalyst and Lavoisier Sublimator for upgrading your Oil Burette

Want to upgrade your Oil Burette in Steelrising? The Burette is Aegis's primary form of healing in Steelrising, developer Spiders' new clockwork Soulslike RPG. As such, it's a very important part of your toolkit, and well worth upgrading as soon as possible.

Upgrading your Oil Burette involves finding two rare collectible materials called Lavoisier Catalysts and Lavoisier Sublimators, which are strewn about the various regions in Steelrising. It's up to you to locate them in their often-sneaky hiding spots - or it would be, if we hadn't already done the hard work for you. Below you'll find details on how to reach every single Lavoisier Catalyst and Lavoisier Sublimator location that we've come across.

From the very beginning of Steelrising you'll have access to an Oil Burette. Once you equip the Oil Burette on your quickbar, you can use it to heal up at a moment's notice. It's basically Steelrising's equivalent of the Estus Flask from Souls games.

To begin with, you only get 1 charge of the Oil Burette between rests, and each charge only restores 200 Health. But you can upgrade your Oil Burette over the course of the game using two items:

Each time you find either a Lavoisier Catalyst or a Lavoisier Sublimator, you can return to either the Horseless Carriage or to one of the Vestals (checkpoints) scattered throughout each region. Interact with any of these points and once in the rest menu, select "Upgrades", and navigate to the final tab named "Burette". There you can select either the Catalyst or the Sublimator button to upgrade the respective aspect of your Oil Burette.

Below we'll walk you through every single Lavoisier Catalyst and Lavoisier Sublimator location that we've found in Steelrising so far. We will continue to add to this list as we find more Oil Burette upgrade materials.

Shortly after defeating the Unstable Lancer in Saint-Cloud, you'll cross a bridge and reach a tower structure (beneath which, incidentally, is a chest containing the Nemesis Claws, one of the best weapons in Steelrising). From this tower, head through the broken stone fence into a new region called The Forest, and a Vestal where you can save your progress.

Follow the path onwards. In the centre of this Forest region is a stone well, guarded by a couple of automats. Dispatch the enemies, and look around for a chest a few paces from the well. Open it to find your first Lavoisier Catalyst.

This Lavoisier Catalyst is easy to miss. Starting from the Vestal at the end of the Tuileries Garden, follow the path through the row of buildings ahead, and you'll come across a large street. Head to the end of the street and you'll find stairs on your left, guarded by a Frost Musketeer. Dispatch the enemy, then once up the stairs use the ledges to head through the building window on the right.

In this next area you'll find multiple enemies to face, including two more Frost Musketeers on a raised ledge in front of you. Once you've killed everyone, head up to this ledge and you'll find a chest by the location of the second Musketeer. Open it to find the second Lavoisier Catalyst.

The first Sublimator you'll come across in Steelrising is located next to the water at the Factory Port in Les Invalides. Head through Les Invalides until you reach Monsieur de Vaucanson's Workshop. Follow the pipe running along the floor in the Factories, turn left at the end, and head up the stairs. Dispatch the two Stalkers at the top, then jump onto the roof on the right and slide down into the Factory Port area.

From here you'll see the chest containing the Lavoisier Sublimator. Next to it is a door that you can unlock so that you can travel more freely between the Factories and the Port from now on.

To reach the second Sublimator, head to La Cité and head to the Pont Neuf Vestal in front of the broken bridge, where you first meet Abbé Grégoire. From here, simply walk part-way down the sloping part of your side of the bridge, and you'll see a chest tucked into a crevice on your right. Open the chest and you'll find another Lavoisier Sublimator.

You'll need the Bishop's Hook for this task. The chest containing this Sublimator is easy to spot, but much harder to reach than you might expect. From the Luxembourg carriage, head to the end of the road where the three enemies wait. Kill them, take a left turn, and then look up to your left. That's the chest you need to reach, but to get it you'll need to travel a bit further.

Head through the next passage, take the next two right turns, and then follow the street all the way to the end. Grapple up onto the ledge above the fence in front of you, then drop down and head through the doorway. Grapple up to the next ledge, and then dash over to the window opposite, and then again over the next street to the balcony on the other side. The chest containing the Sublimator is on the next balcony.

Reaching this Sublimator requires the Bishop's Hook and the Bishop's Ram. From the carriage in Les Invalides, head into Fabourg Saint-Germain (through the gate or onto the grapple spot above the gate if you haven't yet unlocked it), then take a left, and then a right through the breakable wall using the Ram. After that take the next left, follow the path to the end until you reach the next Vestal.

Use the nearby grapple point to get into Monsieur Necker's Townhouse. Head up the wooden ramp by the two Trumpeter enemies, then use the boxes to jump over the bent fence. Follow the path, use the grapple point above the dead end, drop down, defeat the enemies there, and keep going past the next Vestal. Go down the stairs, take a right turn and follow the path past the large Statuary Ram guarding the way.

Once you reach the entrance to the garden with the large tree in the centre, instead of entering it, turn right and you'll find a small grassy area in the midst of several buildings. On the ground in the corner is a chest containing your hard-earned Lavoisier Sublimator.

That wraps up our guide to all the Steelrising Oil Burette upgrade locations we've found. If you want to further upgrade your character, you should focus on shrewd use of attribute points and picking the right modules and weaponry. For help with this, check out our guide to the best build in Steelrising. Alternatively, if you're fairly new to the game, you can also consult our primer on which is the best Steelrising class.

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