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SPRO® Buckets and Neko Pliers

Sep 22, 2023Sep 22, 2023


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Jul 21st, 2022 by Keith Worrall

Modified Jul 21st, 2022 at 11:24 AM

Kennesaw, GA (July 21, 2022) – Feed the impulse with the new SPRO buckets. Fillet knives, bait knives, braid scissors, pliers, fish grippers and sportsman’s scissors are some of the most commonly used fishing items that can now be found in SPRO buckets. Each bucket contains a separate item in bulk.

Braid Scissors 5.3”

Cut your way through braid, fluorocarbon and monofilament lines with ease, or trim plastics and skirting using the SPRO braid scissors. The SPRO braid scissors feature brightly-colored green ergonomic handles that offer a secure grip and easy identification, even in cluttered bags. Feature PTFE coating on the blades for smooth, effortless cuts.


Length – 5.3”Material – PTFE coated bladesPcs/Bucket – 30Jobber – $90.00

Fish Grippers 9”

The SPRO fish gripper is the perfect handling device for practicing safe catch-and-release fishing. The handle is from durable plastic with a molded grip, so it is easy to grasp and floats completely. Equipped with an adjustable wrist lanyard, the SPRO fish gripper provides added control and handling ability so anglers can keep fish in the water while removing the hook and minimizing time out of the water.


Length – 9”Material – PlasticPcs/Bucket – 20Jobber – $72.00

Fillet Knife 7”

Slice up your catch precisely with the SPRO fillet knife, featuring a semi-flexible 7-inch-long blade with PTFE coating for corrosion. It features a bright green and gray handle and a simple plastic blade protector sheath.


Length – 7”Material – PTFE coated bladePcs/Bucket – 24Jobber – $120.00

Pliers 7”

The nose of the pliers features a sturdy split ring opener to make swapping treble hooks a breeze. They offer anglers a wire-cutting device and a crimper for an all-in-one design. The incredibly comfortable handles are covered in ergonomic soft molded grips that feel great in hand and ensure all-weather operation. The SPRO 7-inch pliers are worthy of a spot in every angler’s arsenal.


Length – 7”Pcs/Bucket – 18Jobber – $81.00

Bait Knife 4”

Cutting up bait is necessary, and the SPRO bait knife with a 4-inch-long blade makes it effortless. The edge has a PTFE coating over a stainless steel blade for corrosion. The bright green handle offers a good grip and high visibility on the boat or tackle box.


Length – 4”Material – PTFE coated bladePcs/Bucket – 20Jobber – $70.00

Sportsman Scissors 9”

Their double serrated edges provide smooth cutting operation while the integrated fish scaler makes quick work of the day’s catch. SPRO wisely incorporated a bottle opener, so your favorite beverages keep flowing while you’re wetting a line to keep you hydrated on the water. The oversized handles sport non-slip grips for safe, secure use even when not in inclement weather.


Length – 9”Pcs/Bucket – 20Jobber – $117.00

Pliers 4.5”

This SPRO plier conveniently features both a micro split ring tool at the nose of the pliers and a braid cutter for a multi-use design that saves space by reducing the need for additional tools. Further enhancing its ability to conserve gear space, they are constructed to fold in on themselves for incredible storage ability. Completed with lanyard attachment ports, the SPRO 4.5-inch split ring pliers deliver portable performance with robust materials, so the most rugged anglers can depend on them.


Length – 4.5”Pcs/Bucket – 30Jobber – $111.00

Order everything above by the bucket, with individual UPCs per bucket and individual UPCs per item.

Neko Pliers

The Neko rig is a phenomenon in the bass community. It is a weighted version of a wacky rig with a weight inserted into just one end of the soft plastic, giving the bait a unique action as it falls and standing straight up once it hits bottom. New to the SPRO lineup is a set of Neko pliers. The perfect tool for Neko rigging soft plastics. The Neko plier will save precious time in-between rigging, allowing you to catch more fish per bait. Slide a silicone tube on the nose of the pliers to attach. Squeeze the handles to expand the tube enough for your bait to slide through. Pull the soft plastic worm through the plier’s nose. Pull the silicone tube off the plier’s nose and onto the bait with the opposite hand.


5.5” LongStainless SteelPTFE Coated so Tubes or Bands Slide on easilyJobber – $8.99

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