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50ml PTFE Flask Container for Chemical Reactor

50ml PTFE Flask Container for Chemical Reactor

Overview Company Profile Nanjing Binzhenghong Instrument Co.,Ltd is a professional laboratory product manufacturer which
Basic Info.
Trademark NJBZHLAB
Origin China
Production Capacity 50000pieces/Year
Product Description

Company Profile

Nanjing Binzhenghong Instrument Co.,Ltd is a professional laboratory product manufacturer which mainly has laboratory products based on PTFE/PFA/FEP and other materials, such as: beaker/reagent bottle/stirring bar/tweezers/funnel/volume flask/crucible/stirring rod/water tank/reaction bottle/washing bottle/ The measuring cylinders/etc.
Our products are sold all over the world (such as CUG, IGCAS, SGS, etc. )and are well received by experimenters in the semiconductor, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries, and are widely used in the chemical industry.

Product Description

Teflon flasks usually have a round-bellied and narrow-necked appearance, which is significantly different from a beaker. Its narrow mouth is used to prevent the solution from splashing or to reduce the evaporation of the solution, and can be used with rubber stoppers to connect other PTFE equipment. When the solution needs a long time to react or heat to reflux, a polytetrafluoroethylene flask is generally used as a container. The opening of the flask does not have a protruding notch like a beaker, and it is easier to flow down the outer wall when the solution is poured, so usually a PTFE stirring rod is used to lightly touch the mouth of the bottle to prevent the solution from flowing down the outer wall. Because the mouth of the flask is very narrow, it is not suitable for stirring with a tetrafluoroethylene stirring rod. If you need to stir, you can hold the mouth of the bottle and turn your wrist slightly to mix smoothly. If heating to reflux, put a magnetic stirrer in the bottle and stir with a heating stirrer. Flasks can be divided into flat-bottomed flasks and round-bottomed flasks according to their appearance.
The main purpose
(1) Reactor between liquid and solid or liquid;
(2) Gas heating reactor;
(3) Distilling or fractionating liquids (using a flask with a branch tube is also called a distillation flask).
Item name PTFE flask
Sizes250ml/500ml/1000ml/2000ml/3000ml/5000ml Customization is accepted.
Material PTFE(Corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance and insulation)
Highlights1. Different bottom shapes can be customized (Flat bottom, round bottom)2. Low and high temperature resistance. :from -200ºC to +250ºC ( -328ºF ~ +482ºF )3. Low blank value of metal elements etc.4. Corrosion resistance5. There are threaded connections between the cover and the body and between each neck and the cover, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
6. The PTFE flask has single neck, three neck and four necks, standard ports of 17, 19 and 24, and each standard port is equipped with a stopper
Note1. Pad asbestos mesh when heating, or use other hot baths for heating.The liquid quantity shall not exceed 2/3 of the volume, not less than 1/3 of the volume;
2. When installing accessories (such as thermometers, etc.), appropriate rubber plugs should be selected, and special attention should be paid to check whether the air tightness is good;
3 distillation is best in advance at the bottom of the bottle to add a small amount of zeolite, in order to prevent boiling;
4. Heating should be placed on asbestos net, so that it is heated evenly;
5. After distillation, the piston must be closed first and then stop heating to prevent suction;
MOQ3pcs per size
Sample time7 working days (Mass production time: 30 working days after received your deposit.)
Payment30%TT and the balance should be paid before delivery.

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50ml PTFE Flask Container for Chemical Reactor

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