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Overview Product Description RN09-EASYspin plant RNA rapid Extraction kit Product Introduction: The unique lysate rapidl
Basic Info.
Application Industry, Scientific Research, Health, Environmental Protection, Agriculture
Property Biochemical Reagent
Transport Package Air Transport
Specification Box
Trademark Lucky Blue Elf
Origin Beijing
HS Code 3822009000
Product Description
Product Description

RN09-EASYspin plant RNA rapid Extraction kit

Product Introduction:

The unique lysate rapidly lysed cells and inactivated cell RNA enzymes. PLANTaid, a plant RNA aid, helped bind polysaccharides and polyphenols and removed them by centrifugation. After adjusting the binding conditions with ethanol,RNA was selectively adsorbed on the silicon matrix membrane in the centrifugation column under the condition of high disordered salt. Then through a series of rapid rinse-centrifugation steps, protein removal solution and bleaching solution to remove the cell metabolites, proteins and other impurities, and finally low salt RNase free H20 eluted pure RNA from the silicon matrix membrane.
Product Features:
1. The silicon matrix films in the centrifugal adsorption column are all specially made adsorption films imported from world famous companies. The adsorption amount difference between columns is minimal and the reproducibility is good. It overcomes the malpractice of unstable membrane quality of domestic kit.
2. There is no need to use toxic phenol, chloroform and other reagents, nor to use ethanol precipitation and other steps.
3.. Fast, simple, single sample operation can be completed in 30 minutes.
4.. The unique plant RNA aid can effectively bind polysaccharide polyphenols and improve the scavenging effect.
5.. Multiple column rinings ensure high purity, OD260/OD280 typical ratio of 1.9 ~ 2.0, basically no DNA residue, can be used for RT-PCR, Northern blot and various experiments.
Product Page:

Rn09-Easyspin Plant Rna Rapid Extraction Kit Ivd Test Equipment

Rn09-Easyspin Plant Rna Rapid Extraction Kit Ivd Test Equipment

Rn09-Easyspin Plant Rna Rapid Extraction Kit Ivd Test Equipment

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Rn09-Easyspin Plant Rna Rapid Extraction Kit Ivd Test Equipment

Company Profile

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Rn09-Easyspin Plant Rna Rapid Extraction Kit Ivd Test Equipment


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