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REVIEW: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker's Experimental Wings and Pickle Milkshake from Brew

Jul 11, 2023Jul 11, 2023

For the 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, some of our favorite scientists from Muppets Lab, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, and Beaker have gotten their hands on some of the wings from Brew-Wing! Of course, these two got up to some crazy experiments, so let’s head into the Odyssey and taste what they’ve created.

The chicken on the wings could be higher quality. It’s a little bit dry where it should be more tender. That being said, the sauce is really good. The cardamom flavor comes through intensely. These wings are less messy to eat than the others offered here, so those worried about stains may want to pick this over the other options.

This doesn’t have the best Buffalo flavor. It’s pretty mild and borderline barbecue tasting. Skip these.

For the money, you get a big portion size. It’s rather good, with an enjoyable Buffalo flavor. It does have a bit of spice. We’re still pretty shocked by the portion, as it feels gigantic. The Impossible “meat” is tasty and the plant-based ranch cools down the heat of the dish. It’s definitely a great option for plant-based eaters or carnivores who just want to give it a try.

These wings may be the spiciest thing we’ve eaten at Walt Disney World. if you do not have a high spice tolerance or you don’t like spicy food, this might not be the dish for you. There’s still a lot of flavor, even though the heat is quite strong. The sauce is very pasty, which makes it far messier than the others because of the consistency.

These are one of the most interesting items on the menu and one of our favorites. The flavors work even though we don’t get a lot of the grape gel. The crunch of crushed peanuts on top added a nice texture. It’s more like peanut butter glazed wings. They aren’t spicy, and the wing itself is rather dry — which, in fairness, they did sit out for fifteen minutes while we waited for the brussels sprouts.

These are way too greasy. It’s hard to even taste the garlic Parmesan because they’re so oily. Overall, the wings were mediocre. They aren’t crispy at all. Skip these.

These were pretty good, but we don’t think we would go out of our way for them. They were a bit too hot for such a hot day. We would recommend getting something from the Fry Basket to go with them, maybe the Yuca fries for some sweetness? These were also made to order, which is nice, but it does take a hot minute to get them. We waited about ten hot minutes.

This is more of a typical theme park slush type of drink. It’s got a heavy pomegranate taste.

It’s advertised as having an orange ice cream crumbled on the top, but it’s much more like an orange popsicle due to the consistency and flavor. There’s definitely nothing creamy about it.

This one’s not so much of a stand out since it has a much more standard flavor profile to a slush you could get anywhere.

Still, the cup is cute.

This is going to be one of the most talked-about items of the festival.

It’s super milky on the front end. It has a strong dill flavor that lingers, but the dill overtakes the pickle.

We would get it again, but if you don’t like pickle, you will definitely hate this shake.

Of course, the cup that you can take home may be another incentive to try it.

Untappd describes this as a “Brazilian inspired light lager with lime flavoring.”

From Blake’s Hard Cider Co.: “If you like piña coladas, this is one you’ll want to get mixed up with. Juicy pineapple, tangy orange and fresh coconut – there’s a ‘lada to love about this hard cider twist on the island classic.”

From Bold Rock: “Delivering unmatched refreshment when you need it with huge peach and blueberry notes paired with a classic blue ridge hard apple cider foundation of flavor!”

Brew-Wing at the Odyssey can be found at the dining area inside the Odyssey, between Test Track and the Mexico Pavilion. You can find it at number 6 on the map above.

The 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival is running from July 27 through November 18.

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